Sean, and his wife Tania (center), celebrate 
with collaborators at the press screening of 
Sean Gallagher receives Resolution Of Appreciation from the San Rafael City Council for his documentary film MISSION CITY: THE STREETS OF SAN RAFAEL.
Sean Gallagher receives Resolution Of Appreciation from the San Rafael City Council
Sean Gallagher, and his wife Tania (center), celebrate with collaborators
-  Sean Gallagher is a Filmmaker and Photographer. His television productions have aired more than 200 times on various public access cable channels that reach over a million viewers.

- Sean Gallagher's TV productions have aired on Public Access cable stations in the following cities: San Rafael, CA - Novato, CA - Petaluma, CA - Santa Rosa, CA - Sacramento, CA - San Diego, CA - Seattle, WA, University TV, Sydney, Australia.

- Sean Gallagher was writer and publisher of the nationally distributed comedy newsletter, LAUGH LINE, which was read by subscribers in twenty states and Canada.

- In June 2002, Sean Gallagher received a RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION from the San Rafael City Council at a special screening at City Hall of his documentary "Mission City: The Streets of San Rafael."

- Sean Gallagher's first motivational speaking appearance was in 1986.

The High Rollers Comeback Special. This highly popular TV special ran on various Bay Area cable access channels for fifty-seven consecutive weeks. Their music and mystique live on! 
Sean Gallagher and Duncan Maddux are the original High Rollers!

- Sean Gallagher is a founding member of the popular S.F. Bay Area improv/sketch comedy group, Pacific Coast Players, which was active in the late '80s and early '90s.

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