Practice Positive Response
 to Stress Triggers

We know that life is not a stress free affair. The most successful among us have learned to respond to life's many forms of stress in a positive way. Learn to take time out for yourself.
  • Prepare yourself ahead of time for stressful situations. Be ready. Have a plan in place that allows you to take control of your emotions. Know your hot buttons.  
  • Go out of your way to ensure that there is time in your day for light to moderate exercise. 
  • Make a commitment to eat health supporting foods, such as antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables. 
  • Spend a few moments a day savoring some alone time, just being. Silence is one of the best ways to regain your center. 
  • Avoid negative energy people. We sometimes overlook the impact of spirit sapping individuals that come in, and hopefully out of our lives.
  • Consider supplementing your diet with a B-Complex vitamin and Omega-3 Fatty Acid (fish oil pill or Flax Seed Oil pill or liquid.). Both promote healthy brain function and stress regulation.

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"While one person hesitates because 
he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior."                                                     - Henry C. Link 
Role Models
The Following Individuals Have 
Had a Positive and Lasting 
Influence on My Personal Growth
Robin DuBois (Singer/Artist)
Fawzi Victor Assaad (Educator)
Margie Belrose (Theatrical Coach/Motivator)
Rodney Sheriff  (Theatrical Coach/Motivator)
Xavier Polk, Ph.D. (Consultant)
Bariz Baquerizo (Entrepreneur)
Peter Kassebaum, Ed.D. (College Instructor)
James Dunn (College Instructor)
Walter Turner (College Instructor)
Nurse Instructors (NVC/NSH) 
U.S. Army Reserve Medical Instructors
Special Acknowledgment 
to my family members who provided encouragement and moral support.


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